Sheepskin Car Wash Mitt


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There are just some things modern technology can’t make as well as Mother Nature.

When it comes to Car Wash Mitts many Pro Detailers agree that a Natural Sheepskin Car Wash Mitt is the best for washing an expensive car’s paint job.

Natural Sheepskin Wash Mitts for cars are naturally more expensive than a microfiber wash mitt and so they do require more care.  But most pros agree the difference is worth the little extra fuss and a little higher price.

How to Care for a Natural Sheepskin Car Wash Mitt 

I recommend thoroughly rinsing your Sheepskin Wash Mitt in clean water after using. Then wring or shake as much water out as possible. Then fluff it up with your hand, comb, or brush and hang it out to dry.

This will help preserve your Sheepskin Car Wash Mitt for many uses.

Sheepskin Car Wash Mitt RECOMMENDATIONS!

Below is my Sheepskin Car Wash Mitt recommendations for your convenience. Blessings, Will