Meal Bags for Women Bodybuilders!

Top Rated Meal Bags for Women Bodybuilders and Fitness Athletes!

Meal Bags for Women Bodybuilders and fitness athletes are as essential a tool as the weights and equipment they workout with. A properly designed Meal Bag allows the female bodybuilder to carefully manage their meals – when, where, and how much to eat so they can manage their macro and caloric intake.
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A well designed Meal Bag is Essential for the Serious Female Athlete!

Two of the World’s Most Fit Women understand how important Portioning or Meal Management is while training for their grueling sport.

Annie Thorisdottir, champion women’s CrossFit athlete, is 5’ 6” and weighs only 152 pounds, yet she can lift 363 lbs. (twice her own bodyweight) and 253 lbs. in a back squat.  Annie has been able to achieve her almost “super human” level of fitness with hard work and careful meal management.

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meal management bags for female athletes
Katrin Davidsdottir, the “Fittest Woman on Earth” 2015! Katrin carefully weighs and measures her food to make sure she is feeding her body the optimal portions of protein and carbs (macros) in order to achieve the maximum level of fitness.

These extraordinary female athletes lead extremely busy and structured lives and they demand the organization a well-designed Meal Bag can provide to be able to take along their carefully planned meals.

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To answer the demands for a Meal Bag especially suited for women bodybuilders and fitness athletes, two different bag manufactures have risen to the top to give the women bodybuilders a diverse array of meal bags to choose from.

ISOLATOR FITNESS IsoBag Meal Bags for Women Athletes

SIX PACK Meal Bags for Women Bodybuilders and Athletes

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