5 of the Best Lunch Boxes for Men

Lunch Boxes for Men – Selection and Reflection!

Find the latest and most popular Lunch Boxes for Men – Executive or Construction Worker, Lunch Coolers, Totes, Lunch Kits and Meal Management Systems! 

Lunch time has always been a special time for me.  From the time I was a fifth-grader eyeballing the clock desperately waiting for lunch break.  And later, as a worker looking forward to spending some time with my buddies and talking politics.  Now days the subject of politics ruins my appetite!

I haven’t shopped for Men’s Lunch Boxes for work in probably 45 years or so.  I wasn’t prepared for how much things have changed. The choices us men have now for toting our lunch to work or play is incredible!

Back then you had a couple of choices for carrying your lunch to work – it didn’t matter if you was a construction worker or an executive.  The familiar old Black Dome Lunch Box with a Thermos handily stowed in the lid or a brown paper bag was about your only option.  There were no purpose-made Lunch Bags for Men in those days.
old lunch box for men
I inherited my Dad’s old Black Dome lunch box which I proudly carried to my first job.  I thought about giving it a fresh coat of paint but decided the obvious wear and tear might persuade my new co-workers I wasn’t just a green kid.

Even back then us men had at least an intuitive understanding of how our clothing and accessories made a statement about “who we are!”

Of course things were pretty basic back then.  Our expectations of being able to chow down on a lovingly-prepared ham and cheese or egg-salad sandwich that was (relatively) unspoiled after 4 or 5 hours was about it when it came to men’s lunch boxes.  The idea of an insulated lunch box had not been seriously considered yet. Since landing a man on the moon all kinds of men’s lunch box carriers are possible now!

Brief History of Men’s Lunch Boxes

In the 1880’s Men’s Lunch Boxes were strictly utilitarian. Working men sought ways to protect their lunch from the perils of the job. Imagine if you were a coal miner or a quarry worker, what your lunchEmpty Tobacco Box Courtesy of smithsonianmag.com without being enclosed in a container.
Early Example of Men's Lunch Boxs
Almost any suitable size container you can imagine was utilized or converted to Lunch Boxes for Men including empty tobacco cans and metal buckets.

As time would have it (“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”) the need was recognized and various Men’s Lunch Boxes began to appear in various configurations.

Modern Day Lunch Boxes for Men

Modern Day Men's Lunch Box and Thermos
Not only has the advent of materials like plastics and fabrics changed the way men carry their lunch to work but our attitudes have changed also.

During the 1950’s kid’s lunch boxes were being offered with graphic art of Disney Characters or of popular serial TV heroes like The Lone Ranger or Tarzan. It was a unique way for a kid to start up a conversation by showing anyone looking what he/she was into.
Lone Ranger kid’s lunch box
Well, now days a lot of us adult men like to do the same thing around the lunch table.

There are Lunch Boxes for Men that reflect whether you are a professional or a working man – a tradesman or a construction worker.  Some Men’s lunch boxes can reflect our favorite recreation, sport, team, or even our sense of humor.

Meal Management Systems for the Serious Dieter!

portion control meal bag
If you are a man on a diet, one of the really smart ideas when it comes to how men carry their lunch is called a Portion Control Meal Bag or Box (Also known as “Meal Management System.”)

These meal management systems are intended to give you a means of controlling your food portions using various sizes of containers designed to fit inside your Meal Portion Control lunch box/bag. SEE Recommendations Below

While your at it, grab a set of Meal Portion Control Containers that you can use in any Men’s Lunch Box or Carrier.
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No other form of men’s lunch box conjures up memories of the past than the Stanley Classic Lunch Box.
lunch boxes for men
Available in Hammer Tone Navy or Green the Stanley Classic Men’s Lunch box is constructed of steel for strength and durability that’s sure to last a lifetime.

The classic spring-loaded steel latches assure your lunch box is secure. They produce that familiar clunk-sound when snapped open that signals “it’s time for lunch!”

A rugged handle makes the Stanley Classic Lunch Box easy to carry.

The Stanley Classic Men’s lunch box is currently available in 5.5 Qt. and 10 Qt. sizes. The small size accommodates at least two sandwiches plus a side or a snack. The domed lid will securely hold in place a 16oz Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle thermos or a 17oz Adventure Series thermos  .
lunch boxes for men
The 10 Qt. Stanley Classic Men’s Lunch Box will carry enough food for even the construction worker who burns up lots of calories on the job. Add the Stanley Classic Thermos 25oz for hot or cold beverage or the Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Food Jar 17oz to carry soup to work.

The Stanley Classic Men’s Lunch Box is Warranted for Life.



The Stanley Classic 10qt Lunch Box Combo features the same rugged construction that has made Stanley a household name. Its backed by a Lifetime Warranty.
lunch boxes for men
It includes a Wide Mouth 24oz Vacuum Food Jar with an insulated 12oz Lid that doubles as a bowl for soup or stew.

The 10qt capacity is large enough to accommodate the hungry working man.






A departure from the traditional Men’s Lunch Box, the Stanley 7QT Heritage Cooler lunch box was designed with the hungry man in mind. Its foam insulated to keep your lunch warm or cold and has a molded in compartment divider.
lunch boxes for men
The Vacuum-Insulated 1.1 Quart Thermos is made from 18/8 Stainless Steel, guaranteed not to rust and is BPA FREE. It can keep drinks hot or cold up to 24 hrs. and iced up to 120 hours.

Backed by a Lifetime Warranty the Stanley 7QT Heritage Cooler Combo is the perfect lunch carrier solution for the hungry construction worker, travel, and recreation.





The rugged 7QT Stanley Adventure Cooler & 25oz Vacuum Bottle Combo is the perfect lunch box option for the outdoors-man. Pack enough food for the whole day to take fishing or hunting.
lunch boxes for men
With 3X the typical foam Insulation and a Leak-Resistant lid to lock in heat and cold up to 38% longer. The Vacuum Insulated 25oz Thermos is made from BPA Free Stainless Steel and keeps liquids hot or cold up to 20 hours and iced up to 90 hrs.

Strong latches and hinges keep the lid sealed. Adjustable Tie-Downs hold the Thermos securely in place and allow you to carry another bottle, food jar, or gear.
lunch boxes for men
And when it’s time to eat the Stanley Adventure Cooler makes a sturdy seat.

If you’re lucky you can use it to carry home the day’s catch. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty!



The Igloo Playmate Pal 7 Quart Personal Sized Cooler is perfect for packing a hearty men’s box lunch to work or play or toting up to (9) 12oz cans plus Ice to a sporting event.
lunch boxes for men
A one-piece Lid and Handle swings open either side for convenient access. A push-button Latch locks lid securely in place and allows for one-hand opening.

Made in the USA the Igloo Playmate Pal 7 Quart Personal Sized Cooler has a 7 quart capacity and weighs only 2.2 lbs. One Year Limited Warranty.







Practical and Inexpensive describe the Coleman FlipLid 6 Personal Cooler. It will accommodate an average sized man’s lunch or carry up to (4) 16oz water bottles.

lunch boxes for men
Can holders are molded into the bottom of the FlipLid or use it as a serving tray. A bail-type handle makes it easy to carry.

The inside dimensions of the cooler box are 8.75” long x 6.25” wide x 5.5” deep.







As practical as it is beautiful the Japanese Traditional Rabbit Blossom Bento Box Set is sure to please the Japanese man or anyone else who appreciates the utility of a Bento Box.
lunch boxes for men
The Japanese invented the concept of Portion Control. Bento Boxes are built with dividing panels to separate your lunch items in limited portions. This probably wouldn’t work if you are a large man or construction worker with a ravenous appetite. But if you are an executive or office worker the total capacity should accommodate enough food to satisfy your caloric needs without gaining weight.

After finishing your meal simply place the Upper container into the Lower container to save space.

This Bento Box comes with 2 stackable partitioned plastic trays (Handwash Only.) They are not Microwave or Dishwasher safe. They are made from Safe BPA Free Plastic.

Each tray has a lid to keep your lunch fresh. It comes with a Rice Roll divider and a bag.

It holds up to 280ml in the upper tray and 360ml in lower.

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