Leather Travel Bag for Men

Shopping for a Leather Travel Bag for Men? 

I have assembled a LIST of some of the Best Leather Travel Bags for Men, plus Helpful Tips!

No other material can compare with the look, feel, and smell of genuine leather. Its natural beauty is incomparable, the feel is distinctive, and the leather smell all speak of quality.

Leather is the material of choice for the man who appreciates the quality and tradition.  Leather makes a distinct but subtle statement about the man or lady carrying it.

Each natural leather travel bag has unique characteristics such as color, scratches, and even small scars.

These blemishes are not defects but rather individual characteristics that distinguish a bag as one-of-a-kind. In fact the leather will actually soften with time if properly cared for.

Leather, the Material of Choice

Leather is naturally rugged and protects whatever it surrounds. Although a high quality Leather Travel Bag for Men is expensive compared to a man-made material bag but it will last for a lifetime with a little care. That’s what I call economy!

The processes used to tan leather are labor-intensive and time consuming.  This is why leather articles are relatively more expensive.

There are numerous methods used to tan leather but basically they fall into two groups – Chemical Tanned or Vegetable Tanned.

Chemical tanning is generally faster and lest costly.  It is typically used for articles that are mass produced.  Leather that is chemical tanned usually has an odor, especially when it becomes damp.
leather travel bag for men
The best leather products use vegetable or natural tanning methods.  It produces a softer leather that feels, looks, and smells of quality.

When selecting a men’s leather travel bag be sure the leather used is naturally tanned.

How to Determine Travel Bag Size

Consider where you will be stowing the travel bag.  Do you plan on carrying it while flying?  Will you be stashing it in a locker at a club?

I recommend that you take a few minutes to set out the items you would normally expect to pack in your new leather travel bag and stack them on your bed and then measure the stack with a tape measure.

Then select a travel bag size that would easily accommodate your stack.


I have taken the time to research only Genuine Leather Travel Bags for Men and put together a rather long list of the best ones based on manufacture’s reputation and the reviews of customers who have purchased and used them.

BELOW you will find my Leather Travel Bag for Men LIST.  Each bag is hand-sewn and only vegetable tanned leathers are used.  Blessings, Will