How to Wash Your Car Like the Pros!

How to Wash Your Car Like the Pros!
Easy Guide to Learning How to Wash Your Car with Professional Results!

Helpful Tips and Suggestions with Video Tutorials!

Considering that an automobile usually represents the second largest investment for most of us it makes good sense to learn How to Wash Your Car the right way.

No doubt, there are as many opinions as to How to Wash Your Car as there are car washers. We shall take a look at the basics in car washing technique so you can wash your own car fast, safe, and with professional results.

Washing your car should be a relaxing endeavor and something you look forward to.

A Lot Has Changed But the Basics of Car Washing are the Same!

When I was a kid growing up washing the family cars wasn’t so much of a chore as it was a pathway to driving privileges when I became of driving age. I remember being very self-conscious of the appearance of our cars so washing the cars was something I looked forward to. It was near the dawn of the Muscle Cars and the family automobile was as much as a status symbol and a source of pride then as it is today.

We didn’t have the helpful car wash products and equipment back then like we do today. You had to be rich to own a Pressure Washer and I don’t think a Car Wash Foam Cannon or a Car Blow Dryer had been invented yet (Yes, the wheel had been invented before my childhood, LOL.)

My dad taught me How to Wash a Car the fastest and safest way based on the cutting edge car care technology available back then. He stressed the importance of making sure I blasted away as much dirt as possible with the garden hose so I didn’t scratch the paint while scrubbing it with a wash rag or sponge.

Car Wash Mitts had not been invented yet but dad insisted I keep the old wash rag or sponge well-rinsed to squeeze out the dirty contaminated water.

The Two Bucket System had not been invented yet but dad insisted that I throughly rinse out my wash rag before dipping it in the soap bucket so it wouldn’t become contaminated with the gritty dirt.  My dad wasn’t a car wash pro by any means but he had good common sense.

I used to look forward to washing the family cars back then and I still do today. It relaxes me and I it gives me the opportunity to get outdoors.

The basics of car washing are still the same as back then but the Car Washing Techniques, Products, and Equipment have changed considerably.

How to Hand Wash Your Car

Important Car Wash Steps

We are going to take a close look at each important step in washing your car. As you scroll down you will find helpful Videos and also some Product Suggestions.

  • Rinse Loose Dirt
  • Apply Soap or Foam and Wash
  • Rinse
  • Dry

Rinse Away Loose Dirt

The first step in any car wash job is to Rinse loose dirt and grime with a garden hose or a pressure washer.

This is such an important step because you want to eliminate as much dirt as possible. Dirt or grime (whatever you want to call it) is abrasive! When you rub it around on your car’s paint with a wash mitt, rag, or sponge it scratches the paint just like fine sandpaper.

There are a lot of small one-person Car Detailing businesses that use a simple garden hose with a nozzle to wash a car. The only advantages I can think of are – it is cheaper and quieter than using a pressure washer and almost impossible to damage the car.

Using a Pressure Washer for Car cleaning and detailing is the best and fastest way to get the job done. The two detractions are noise and the possibility of damaging the car because of the very high pressure.

A Pressure Washer is especially useful for blasting away the heavy dirt and grime that builds up on lower panels and expensive wheels.

An electric Pressure Washer is ideal in my opinion because it is much quieter and powerful enough to get the job done. It is more convenient since you don’t have to fill it up with dangerous gasoline each time you use it.

The down side is it is not as powerful as a gas powered washer which is a huge advantage for other pressure washing jobs around the house.

I recommend that you keep the wand at least 12 inches from your car to avoid blasting off a piece of trim or gasketing. If your car has a chip in the paint the high pressure can peel quickly turn a small touch-up job into a major paint repair job.

Watch this Excellent Tutorial VIDEO, How to Use a Pressure Washer to Wash your Car!

Apply Soap or Foam then Wash and Rinse

Next step is to apply a good brand of Car Wash Soap to  your vehicle

There are two basic ways to apply soap or foam to your car – the old fashioned way, with a car wash mitt or a sponge. Or, you can use a Car Wash Foam Cannon for really fast results!

A simple and very effective technique used by many detailing pros is called the Two Bucket Car Wash System.   Grab two buckets with a Bucket Grit Guard installed.  Fill the first bucket with clean water.  Fill the second bucket with water mixed with your Car Wash Soap (according to directions.)

Now, dip your Car Wash Mitt into the Second bucket saturating it with the soapy solution.  Starting with the roof of your vehicle, apply the soapy solution using a side to side washing motion with light even pressure.

Thoroughly wash approx. a 24″ to 30″ square inch area, then Rinse.

Now, dip your wash mitt into the First bucket and squeeze and rinse out as much of the dirty soap as possible.  This is a critical step in the process intended to eliminate as much of the gritty dirt from being rubbed on your car’s expensive lustrous paint.  Washing your car with a dirty wash mitt is like rubbing it with sand paper.

Now, go back to the second bucket with the soap to repeat the process, working your way down, washing horizontal surfaces like the roof, hood, and trunk first. Wash the sides next, then the grill, bumpers, lower panels.  That’s all there is to washing your car’s painted surfaces.

Make certain you use a Bucket with a Grit Guard or Grate to isolate the dirty water/soap from the clean.

Using a Car Wash Foam Cannon

If you are going to use a Pressure Washer to Clean your Car you really need to invest in a Car Wash Foam Cannon. It is a simple capillary action spray nozzle with a reservoir that attaches to your pressure washer wand. They don’t cost much but can really save a lot of time and energy washing your car.

A Car Wash Foam Cannon is without a doubt the best and fastest way to apply a liberal amount of soapy foam to your car – fast and easy – fun too!

Oh yea, you still need to roll up your sleeves and put on your Car Wash Mitt. Use circular motions with light and even pressure to gently wash every surface of your car.

Watch this Short VIDEO, How to use a Foam Cannon


Drying Your Car

There are two effective ways to dry your car after you have thoroughly washed and rinsed it. The Best Car Drying Towels such as a Chamois or a Waffle Weave Microfiber Drying Towel work great. If you have done a good job washing and rinsing there is minimal chance of scratching the paint. Of course, you need to make certain the chamois or towel is perfectly clean first.  Wash them immediately after washing your car.

Brief VIDEO, Drying Your Car with a Microsoft Waffle Weave Drying Towel

Or, you can use a Car Blow Dryer to dry your car. Just like the automatic car washes a hand-held Car Blow Dryer will quickly and safely dry your car. A good Car Blow Dryer reduces the possibility of scratching your car’s paint by eliminating additional contact.

Watch this Brief VIDEO, Drying your Car with a Car Blow Dryer


We have looked at some tried and prove methods to wash your car that will give you professional results every time.  AIl of the Car Wash Products recommended here can really be helpful but you don’t need to invest a lot of $$ to be able to do a really great wash job.  I recommend you keep it simple and stick to the basics as described above.  I hope you have found this tutorial How to Wash Your Car helpful.  Blessings, Will

Choosing the Best Car Products

There are so many car care products available today. Many of them really do make the job of washing your car easier and with better results. I recommend that you keep it simple.

In fact you can spend a lot of time and money shopping for the Best Car Care Products. That’s why I recommend a Complete Car Wash Kit. A good Car Wash Kit will contain a number of compatible products (usually by the same Manufacturer) that will save you considerably instead of buying each product individually.

You will need the following Car Wash Products:

(1 or 2) Wash Bucket with Grit Guard or Grate
Car Wash Soap or Foam (Wax Optional)
Car Wash Wash Mitts
Car Wheel Brush
Car Drying Towels and Car Blow Dryer
Car Wax (Optional)

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