Best Bodybuilding Shaker Bottles – Top Recommendations!

Quick Guide for Selecting the Best Bodybuilding Shaker Bottle!

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A Bodybuilding Shaker Bottle is such an important tool for the serious bodybuilder. A well-designed one can make the routine of mixing up your Protein and BCAAs a pleasant time-saving experience.

The shaker bottle I have been using for the last several years has been marginal at best. It really wasn’t designed for mixing protein or for bodybuilders. It didn’t have a ball or screen to help break up the powder. Adding an ice cube works OK when available but not when you are at the gym in your car.

I learned the hard way that if I didn’t hold the top or lid in place I would end up wearing my expensive protein shake.
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I don’t know about you but I don’t need those kinds of distractions while I am trying to visualize my next workout.

Finally I decided it was time to up my game and buy a new shaker designed for mixing protein and other bodybuilding supplements. I wanted the Best Bodybuilding Shaker Bottle I could find.

What is the Best Protein Shaker Bottle for Bodybuilders?

I discovered there are a lot of really innovative shaker bottle designs to accommodate the needs of the bodybuilder.
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Some of the Shakers I reviewed have built-in or detachable compartments for storing your supplement pills, etc.  That’s a great idea as long as it doesn’t get lost and doesn’t hinder cleaning.

Personally I prefer a manual shaker with a snap down or screw on lid that has a ball or screen to break up the lumps.

An Electric Portable Mixer Bottle Shaker that you can recharge in your car or at home may be the best choice for you.  They allow you to mix your shake while driving or some other multi-task.

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Features to Look for when Shopping for the Best Bodybuilding Shaker Bottle!

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I decided the Best Protein Shakers for Bodybuilders would have to have the following features or characteristics:

    • Large enough to accommodate up to (3) servings – Pre or Pro-workout Protein, BCAAs, etc. 22 to 32 ounces is just about right for most bodybuilders!
    • Easy to close and Leak proof screw on or snap latch lid
    • BPA or DEHP Free
    • Able to fit in Meal Prep Bag
    • All the features necessary to get you on your way quickly
    • Ball or Screen to break up the powder
    • Easy to Clean

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Which Bodybuilding Shaker Bottle did I Choose??

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After reviewing all the Bodybuilding Shaker Bottles you see Recommended Below I decided the BlenderBottle Shaker was the best one for my needs and here are the reasons why:

  • It has a blender ball wisk to break up the clumps of protein
  • It comes with a detachable powder reservoir and pill organizer you can use with or without
  • A leak proof loop cap and screw-on lid so you don’t end up wearing your protein shake
  • You can purchase extra storage jars you can carry with you (See Listings BELOW)
  • It’s top rack dishwasher safe and BPA FREE
  • It comes in various 20, 22, 28, and 32 oz.configurations and multiple colors

The BlenderBottle Protein Shakers are ideal for bodybuilders but there are other protein shakers that will work well also.

Body Building Shaker Bottle RECOMMENDATIONS

Here are what I believe are the Best Bodybuilding Shaker Bottle products best suited for mixing protein and other powder supplements! You might want to consider purchasing (2) or more.

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