Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

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As an IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaning Technician I know a lot about cleaning carpet but I also know a lot about vacuuming Hardwood Floors too.
Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors
There are basically (4) Four vacuum cleaner design Options that work best on hardwood floors:

Option #1) The Best Upright Vacuums for Hardwood Floors will have an On/Off Switch or Pedal to disengage the Roll Brush so it doesn’t fling dirt and debris away from the vacuum head (Nozzle).

Plus an Auto or Manual Height Adjustment to lower the vacuum head down close to the hardwood floor like the excellent Hoover WindTunnel UH72400 to the right. Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable Upright Vacuum, UH72400

This kind of arrangement works well but not as well as a vacuum designed especially to vacuum Hardwood or Smooth Floor Surfaces like the ones I have Listed Below.

Option #2) Another excellent Option for vacuuming Hardwood Floors is a Canister Vacuum.  The vacuum head DOES NOT have a spinning brush roll.

It has a stationary brush that starts the dirt and debris moving until the force of the vacuum lifts it into the nozzle.

Miele S2a21A high-quality Canister Vacuum like the ones listed below really work great on hardwood floors but are not optimally effective on medium pile to heavy pile carpet.  They are excellent for area rugs and throw rugs.  You will find a couple of the best Canister Vacuums for hardwood floors Listed below also.

Option #3) Another excellent Option for those who have a combination of Carpet and Hardwood Floors is a specially designed Upright with a powerful rotating brushroll.  

This loosens dirt and debris from the grip of the carpet fiber so the vacuum head can vacuum it up.  

A Lift-Away Pod that allows you to convert the upright into a handy powerful canister or portable vacuum that uses a vacuum head exactly like a Canister Vacuum.  

This is the best vacuum option if you have pet hair to remove from all floor surfaces.

Option #4) The fourth Option for vacuuming Hardwood Floors is a vacuum designed specifically for Hardwood Floors. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick

The ones I listed below will do an outstanding job on your Hardwood Floor and area rugs but are not good on carpet.


Below are the Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors in each of the above categories!  Blessings, Will

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