Selecting the Best Tire Pressure Gauge


Helpful Guide and Recommendations for selecting the Best Tire Pressure Gauge for your Car, Truck, Motorcycle, or RV! 

It is no secret that maintaining the correct Air Pressure in your Tires is paramount to maximizing Handling, Traction, Ride, Stopping Ability, Long Life, and last (but not least) Fuel Economy.  In fact if your tire pressure in not close to the vehicle manufacture’s recommended PSI it could get you killed in a critical driving situation. That’s why it’s important to have the best tire pressure gauge available when inflating your tires.

Industry experts claim your gas mileage rate is lowered by 0.3% for every single PSI drop in pressure (in all four tires.) That may not seem like a lot but the lower MPG and shorter tire life can amount to several hundred bucks per year.

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The Importance of Keeping your Tires Properly Inflated!

The amount of money it costs to purchase the Best Tire Pressure Gauge for your particular driving needs is trivial compared to the potential savings on fuel and tires.

Which Tire Pressure Gauge is Best, Analog or Digital?

After a lot of careful research there isn’t a whole lot of difference in accuracy.    Since we live in a digital world you may want to go with Digital.

However, some of the best and most accurate Tire Pressure Gauges are Analog.  Even the old familiar bayonet-type is amazingly accurate compared with the much more sophisticated gauges – although, not as easy and convenient to operate or read.

And the best tire pressure gauge for your vehicle doesn’t have to be the most expensive!

Tire Pressure Gauges I Like Best!

It depends on what your vehicle situation is.  Obviously, if you own a high performance race car you want the best and most accurate tire pressure gauge available.  In that case I am a big fan of the Intercomp line of products (See Listings Below.)

Also, Joes Racing 32307 (0-60) PSI Tire Pressure Gauge is an excellent choice at a lower price.

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If your a commuter or adventurer taking long trips a smaller Digital-type gauge is an excellent choice (See Listings Below.)

The Accutire MS 4021B Standard Digital Tire Gauge which is as accurate as some of the much more expensive models is an excellent choice for the average car owner.

If you own a high performance sports car where precise tire pressure is much more critical I recommend you go with one of the top of the line gauges such as the Intercomp models or Joe’s Racing Tire Gauge.

Best Tire Pressure Gauges RECOMMENDATIONS!

I have researched and assembled a comprehensive Up-to-Date List of the Top-Rated Tire Pressure Gauges that will fit your needs.

Whether you’re a Commuter or a serious Racing enthusiast. If you ride a Motorcycle or a Bicycle requiring a tire pressure with a higher PSI range you will find the Tire Pressure Gauge Below that is best for your needs.

  • Most Passenger Car tires require up to 40 psi. A tire pressure gauge with range up to 60 psi is a good choice.
  • Racing and High Performance Sports Car tires require the most precise gauging of tire pressure 28 up to 100 psi.
  • Motorcycles, Bicycles, Trucks, and RV tires require up to 30 up to 150 psi.

(Make sure Gauge will measure beyond the Maximum psi recommendation for your tires.)

The Top Rated Tire Gauges listed BELOW are accurate enough for most vehicle and driving needs.  The make great gift ideas!

For your convenience here is my list of the Best Tire Pressure Gauges for all vehicles.