Shopping Guide for the Best Sleeping Bags for Kids!  Recommendations & Tips for Care and Material Selection!

A Sleeping Bag for Kids makes great sense, whether you are planning on a family camping trip or need a practical temporary indoor sleeping option.

The name “sleeping bag” conjures up fond memories of when I was a kid growing up in a family of 5 that loved camping. At least my dad and I loved it – my mom and two sisters weren’t particularly “Wild” about the idea of camping (pardon the pun.)

When I was a child, the name “sleeping bag” was synonymous with adventure and fun outdoors.

Kid’s Sleeping Bags are generally inexpensive, easy to care for, don’t take up much storage space, and very portable.  SEE: Portable Beds for Adults
best sleeping bags for kids

Kid’s Sleeping Bags are Great for Indoors too!

Planning a sleepover for your kid’s friends? Youth Sleeping Bags are a great solution.  Their inexpensive, comfy, and east to fold up and store for the next great adventure.

A sleeping bag laid out on the carpet makes for pretty comfortable sleeping for kids, and adults too.

If your kid’s sleeping bag is going to be used indoors, insulation and ruggedness are less of a concern than for outdoor use.

A Cotton shell with Polyester insulation is quite adequate for indoor use.

How to Care for Kid’s Sleeping Bags

Eventually a kid’s sleeping bag will need to be cleaned like any other bedding.
Best Sleeping Bags for Kids
The warmth causes a child’s body to give off moisture that accumulates in the shell fabric and insulation material.  Sweat and dirt eventually accumulate inside the bag and can get pretty smelly after prolonged use.  This causes the insulation material to lose “Loft” which reduces its insulating quality.  Loss of loft means loss of heat! Of course exterior soiling can be expected too.

Camping experts highly recommended that you open up the sleeping bag after each use and let it air out for a few hours – preferably outdoors. The sun has a sanitizing and deodorizing effect.

To wash a sleeping bag it is highly recommend that you hand-wash the bag using a specially formulated cleaning product for outdoor gear such as Nikwax Down Wash or Sierra Dawn CampSuds . A bathtub works great! Just follow product directions. You can use your washing machine’s Spin Cycle to remove excess rinse water after hand-washing but DON’T use the Wash Cycle.

Hang the bag outdoor to dry. Whatever you do don’t put the sleeping bag in a clothes dryer.

For spot cleaning a kid’s sleeping bag Nathan Sport-Wash Laundry Detergent works great!

Which is the Best Insulation for a Kid’s Sleeping Bag – Down or Synthetic?

best sleeping bags for kids
Outdoor experts recommend Synthetic material if the bag is to be used in generally damp conditions. Modern synthetics rival natural goose down as far as insulation. Goose down loses its natural insulating qualities when it becomes damp. Synthetic is less-expensive than down and easier to care for.

If weight is your concern, down is the best option. Most experts agree that down also makes for a more “cozy” warmth. Down is more expensive than Synthetic and is more difficult to care for (SEE How to Care for Kid’s Sleeping Bags.)

Sleeping Bags for Kids RECOMMENDATIONS

Whether you are planning a camping trip for your kids in the High Sierras or in the backyard – or a weekend sleep-over at home here are some great sleeping bag recommendations to consider.

I have done my research and put together a list of what I believe are the Best Sleeping Bag for Kids products. BELOW you will find Sleeping Bags that are suitable for indoor use and for outdoor use.

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