Best Meal Bags for Bodybuilders – IsoBag or 6 PACK FITNESS?

Quick Guide for Selecting the Best Meal Bags for Bodybuilders! Who Makes the Best – IsoBag vs 6 PACK FITNESS??

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Meal Bags for Bodybuilders offer the perfect solution for the serious bodybuilder or the person who is committed to managing their caloric and macro intake.

Meal Bags for Bodybuilders are a unique tool, just as weights, shoes, and cloths are. They are basically the bodybuilder’s Meal Management System. Bodybuilding Meal Management Bags equipped with Portion Control Containers make it possible for the bodybuilder to stay organized and to take his/her training to a higher level.
Best Meal Bags for Bodybuilders
Most serious bodybuilders agree that diet is at least as important as a carefully planned and executed intense workout. Whether you are training for the next Mr. or Miss Olympia or just trying to improve your physique, eating the most nourishing foods in the right proportion can make all the difference in steady progress or plateauing.

Meal Bags help Bodybuilders with Meal Management and Portion Control!

It’s no secret how vitally important it is to be able to eat at just the right time to get the maximum benefit from your grueling workouts.  This makes the ability to take your carefully planned and prepared meals with you a necessity if you want to succeed at the demanding sport of bodybuilding.
Best Meal Bags for Bodybuilders
Fortunately there are some really great Meal Management Bags available that are designed especially for bodybuilders.

What to Look for in a Meal Bags for Bodybuilders!

Here are a few features I believe are important to look for when shopping for a Meal Prep Bag for Bodybuilders.

  • Flexibility!  I believe the best meal bag will allow for different size containers and not just the proprietary ones that came with it.  Partitions that stretch or are removable give you more options.
  • Vitamin Supplement Container and compartment
  • Insulated Pockets for a Protein Shaker Bottle and beverage
  • Well-insulated Bag with enough room for Ice Packs and Eating Utensils
  • Large enough to accommodate your needs as you grow in the sport of bodybuilding

Which are the Best Meal Bags for Bodybuilders – Isobag or 6 SIX PACK Bags??

Opinions vary as to which meal bag is actually best – IsoBag or Six Pack.  Each product line has advantages and disadvantages that should be considered to decide which one is best for you.

The two best-selling Meal Bag brands designed specifically for bodybuilders are Isobag by Isolator Fitness and 6 Pack Bags by Six Pack Fitness. These two brands offer the features and options to accommodate even the most serious bodybuilder.

Here is a brief Comparison of Isobag VS Six Pack Fitness bags!

Isobag by ISOLATOR FITNESS 3 and 6 Meal Series

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Best Meal Bags for Bodybuilders
Isolator Fitness, Inc. introduced their first IsoBag in 2011. The innovative company has grown exponentially providing Meal Management Bags to the Bodybuilding and Fitness athlete market. They have developed their extensive line of meal bags by listening to their customer’s feedback and aspiring to provide them with the best meal management bags available. Isolator Fitness Meal Bags are “Made in America” in Reading, PA by a team of skilled craftsman.
Best Meal Bags for Bodybuilders

      • Smaller and Lighter than leading competitor
      • Made in USA
      • 2 Mesh Side Pockets plus 2 Insulated Side Pockets
      • Excellent quality zippers that won’t jam
      • Keeps meals cool or warm for up to 8 to 12 hours
      • Includes padded Shoulder Strap
      • Three Meal Series comes with (6) food containers: (3) 16oz, (1) 12oz, (1) 28oz, & (1) 38oz
        Six Meal Size comes with (12) Containers: (2) 38oz, (2) 28oz, (2) 12oz, (6) 16oz.
      • Easy to clean
      • (8) Large selection of Designer Color to choose from

Best Meal Bags for Bodybuilders
NOTE: Buy from Amazon to avoid paying re-stocking fee in case you need to return


          • Meal Containers can leak (SEE Replacement Meal Containers BELOW)
          • Limited configurations. IsoBag does not offer specific configurations for the Female Bodybuilder who wants a more feminine look. They do offer a wide color selection.

isolator fitness bag 6 meal at amazon

Innovator by SIX Pack Fitness  3 and 5 Meal Series

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Best Meal Bags for Bodybuilders
6 Pack Fitness™ has been creating iconic Meal Prep Bags that are being used by serious bodybuilders, CrossFit™ and fitness athletes around the world. Their bags offer innovative and stylish meal management solutions for those athletes who live fitness and training. They are designed to help the athlete stay organized so they can stay focused on eating smart and training hard while on the go.
Best Meal Bags for Bodybuilders


            • Overall excellent quality
            • Adjustable partitions to accommodate larger meal containers
            • Hand and Shoulder Strap included
            • (2) Large and Tall Insulated Side Pockets accommodate up to 4 Shakers or Hydration Bottles.
            • Design Configurations and colors for the female bodybuilder


Best Meal Bags for Bodybuilders


      • No Mesh Pockets
      • Larger and heavier than leading competitor
      • Containers and Re Freezable Ice/Gel Packs can Leak.  SEE replacement suggestions Below






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Bodybuilding Meal Bag Accessories!

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