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If you’re not using a Car Wash Foam Cannon to wash your car you’re doing it the hard way! That’s what most people will tell you once they’ve used one. The quality of the foam produced by a car wash foam cannon or foam blaster is so much better and faster than washing your car the old fashioned way using a bucket.

What is a Car Wash Foam Cannon?

A Car Wash Foam Cannon is a product (sometimes called a Foam Lance or Foam Blaster) that attaches to the end of your Pressure Washer Wand. It is designed to introduce a mix of soap (surfactant) into the high pressure water stream created by a pressure washer.  The combination of soap, water, and air produce thick foam to be deposited on your car.
Best Car Wash Foam Cannon
It is a relatively simple devise that utilizes the principal known as “Capillary Action.” The capillary action is created in the Cannon body when the high-pressure water stream passes over an intersecting channel (usually at an angle of approx. 80 degrees.)

This arrangement produces a suction that draws the foaming product up through a tube that extends down into the attached reservoir, mixing it with the high pressure stream of water.

When the foaming liquid is mixed with the high pressure water and is sprayed onto the surface of your vehicle it combines with air or oxygen producing the very desirable shaving cream-like thick foam.

Why Use a Car Wash Foam Cannon for Washing your Car?

The old two bucket car wash method still works great and has for decades. But the problem is it depends strictly on mechanical agitation to loosen dirt and grime. Whereas foam, generated by a car wash foam cannon, actually loosens the grip of dirt making it much easier to wash away using a Car Wash Mitt.

Oxygen is the #1 enemy of dirt.  When Oxygen is combined with the special foam-producing ingredients found in a quality Foam Cannon soap product, such as Chemical Guy’s Snow Foam, it loosens the dirt on all surfaces.  This significantly reduces the amount of scrubbing required and at the same time decreases the likelihood of scratching the paint.

Unfortunately, a Car Wash Foam Cannon does not eliminate the need for elbow grease and a wash mitt but it does make the job of washing your vehicle much easier and faster.

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More Benefits of a Car Wash Foam Cannon

In addition to producing luxurious foam for washing your car a Car Wash Foam Cannon can be used for applying Wax, Gloss Enhancers, Paint Sealers, and Degreasers. Just make sure they are formulated for use with a Foam Cannon.

So, Who Makes the Best Car Wash Foam Cannon?

A Foam Cannon is a relatively simple devise that works on a simple principal. The body has’t to be strong enough to withstand the high pressure produced by a Pressure Washer – usually between 1300 psi and 3200 psi.  Foam Cannons made from Die-cast Brass are the strongest and should last for years.  Foam Cannons made with Plastic bodies are cheaper but may not last.

The best Car Wash Foam Cannons will have an adjusting valve to regulate the mixture of the foaming solution and water ratio for the best foam production.  Also, a top-quality foam cannon should have an adjustable nozzle that regulates the spray pattern.

The Chemical Guys Foam Cannons are one of the best brands and very popular with customers.  They have excellent features and all their car wash products are top rated.

Different brands of concentrated foaming products will work in every brand of foam blaster, so you’re not stuck with using proprietary products.

You’re going to need a Pressure Washer Wand with a quick disconnect to allow you to transition back and forth between your Foam Cannon and the wand.  SEE Listings BELOW!

If you don’t already own a good Pressure Washer, check out Best Pressure Washers to Clean Cars.


Each Car Wash Foam Cannon recommend below has all the best features plus a track record of high customer satisfaction. Blessings, Will

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