Welcome to Will’s Best Lists!

the site to find the best productsLike most people, when I make a purchase I want the Best Product my money will buy.

I love researching products before I make a purchase. My research has given me insight and working knowledge of products such as home appliances, kitchen appliances, electronics, furniture, men’s accessories, and car care products.

Researching products is a skill and a habit I developed many years ago as a Purchasing Agent for a Fortune 500 Company.

I was responsible for purchasing many different types of products. Some products were relatively inexpensive, costing only $20 to $50 but would get used up or worn out and require replacing sometime in the future.

Other products cost Hundreds or sometimes many Thousands of dollars and were expected to last for a long time.

Naturally, the company expected me to purchase only the best products made by reputable dependable companies and for the lowest price.

The process of making sure you purchase the best products requires research and can be time consuming.
time and research to make the best 5 list
The first step is to decide just what qualities would determine the best product for a particular need. I would make a List of all the potential products. Then I would arrange them according to manufacture reputation, features, price, warranty, and customer satisfaction.

After I had assembled my list I would eliminate all but the Best Five. From there the selection would become a little more subjective, until I would make a decision.

I would keep these Lists to support my purchase decision in case anyone should ask why.

Old habits are hard to shake! I still go through the same research process and I still make my lists every time I consider making a significant purchase.

The information and Lists found on this website are from my research and the products listed are the ones I decided are the best of the best for my own needs.

I hope you will find these Lists helpful and save you some time with your shopping.

Blessings, Willlist to save you time